10 New Secret Smartphone Options You Won’t Be Able To Live Without (10 Pics)

Not that long ago you needed a lot of devices in order to do different things. For example, you needed a camera to take photos, phone to make calls, and a PC to surf the Internet. Now you can do all those and many more things only by using your single smartphone.

But there are some functions, your phone probably has, that you know nothing about.

1. Lock Screen Message

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This option is something very simple, but new on your phone. After the last update, you have a newly added option to write your own message which will only be visible on the lock screen. That option will come to be handy when/ if you lose your phone. If somebody would find your phone, he/ she would see the number and the message you wrote on the screen and hopefully return it to you.

To turn that option on, go to “settings” – “Lock Screen and Security” – “Lock Screen Signature”. It’s up to you after that.

2. Anti-Theft App

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If you are not satisfied with the previous option you can always download an anti-theft app. Cerberus for example. Those apps can take pictures, activate a camera, ping the location over GPS, turn on some high pitch sound and cry for help and much more.

3. Dash Camera

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Your smart phone can be used as a dash cap if you don’t have a real one. To make that work, you should use some of many DVR apps.

4. How to Save Some Memory

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To free some of the memory always use cloud services for your pictures, downloads, videos, etc.

5. Your Phone as a Security Camera

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There is an app with a motion sensor activation function. It can make videos and take pictures as soon as it detects someone and immediately send you messages. You can see that app here

6.Construction Level

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Any smartphone can be used as a level device. It is best for some minor jobs, but you should use a professional tool when on the construction. We are not certain about its reliability.

7. UV Light Device

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You can use a UV light to detect forgeries. Try to make it by yourself using tape and markers. Just cover your flashlight with some see through the tape and color it with a blue marker. After that paint it with purple over the blue and add 2 more additional layers the same way. Click here if you want to know more.

8. Magic Menu

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Go to “Settings” – “About the Phone” – And tap 7 times on “Model Number”.

That will activate the developer menu. From there, you can adjust the performance, signal reception quality, and system appearance.

9. Are You an Addict?

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If you want to really know yourself and what you really do on the phone you must look at the stats.
For iOS just go to the “Settings” – “Battery”. That will show your most used apps. For Android, you don’t have that by default. You must install some of the apps for that, like this one

10. Black & White

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Turn off the colors if you want to save some battery. You will have to use that developer menu you have already learned how to open. Just find “simulate anomaly” option and then switch to the monochrome mode on. Now your phone works in Black & White.