7 Popular Symbols Whose Meaning We Knew Nothing About (7 Pics)

Whenever you go outside, take a small stroll through some park or just look at your phone or TV you see symbols. All those symbols have different meanings and quite a different origin. Have you ever wondered about the origin for a heart symbol?

We are here to show you the results of our little research.

The Origin of (“&”) Symbol

The symbol “&” is called ampersand symbol. It is popular in Europe and America because of the deep roots the English language has in Latin. The first version was invented by the Tiro, Cicero’s personal secretary, in Ancient Rome. He invented a couple more abbreviations only to speed up the process of dictation and writing.

This conjunction is from Latin “et”. English version for that word is “and”.

Symbol of Love

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There are three theories for this symbol.

– The first theory comes out from something we have all noticed. When you look at a pair of swans close to each other, you can clearly see the symbol for the heart in their silhouette.

– The second theory is that the heart symbol actually depicts the female pelvis. The Ancient Greeks saw a great importance in the shape of that part of the female body.

– There is also a theory that this symbol actually has a shape of an ivy leaf. Ancient Greeks had a habit to actually place the symbol of an ivy leaf to their vases. They usually included that symbol when they were drawing Dionysus – the God of winemaking and passion.


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Denmark is the origin of the Bluetooth (the device) and the Bluetooth (the king). Denmark was ruled by the King Herald Blatand in the 10th century. He united all the Danish people into one kingdom. He was called “Bluetooth” because he like blueberries and his teeth had a permanent blue tint because of that excessive use of blueberries.

The device Bluetooth has been constructed to pair all kinds of devices, so the name is quite suitable. The symbol itself is a combination of two Scandinavian runes which represent two letters of alphabet respectively. “Hagall” (H) and Bjarkan (B). Those are the initials for their king Herald Blatand. And when you overlap those two runes you get a symbol for the Bluetooth.

Medical Symbol

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The symbol for medicine is a staff with two snakes. The origin of that symbol is really strange because it came from a mistake. Over a century ago, US military doctors wanted to find a symbol for medicine and the chose something they believed was a symbol for a Greek God Asclepius. He is a God of healing and medicine. But, someone made a mistake and they took a similar symbol of the Greek God Hermes. So, what we now have as a symbol of medicine is a magical staff Caduceus.

On/Off Symbol

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Power on/off symbol has a very simple design and it is made of two symbols – 1 and 0.

In the 1940s, engineers used a binary system for switches. 1 was ON and 0 was OFF.

Symbol for Peace

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This symbol was invented during the anti-nuclear protests during 1958. That symbol is a combination of the two poses policemen take when directing traffic. One of them is for letter “N” and the other letter “D” – Nuclear Disarmament.


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Most of us see this hand gesture as a symbol for “Okay”, but different cultures see that gesture differently.

Some people in France could understand that gesture as an insult as if that person was zero.


The first theory is that OK is an abbreviation for the “Old Kinderhook, NY”. The eighth president of the United States, Martin Van Buren used that abbreviation in his campaign. “Old Kinderhook is O.K”, and the posters portrayed a person showing “ok” gesture.

– The second thesis also comes from the American soil. Their seventh president Andrew Jackson like German. He used to use “Oll Korrect” instead of All Correct. “OK”.

– The third theory says that the “OK” is nothing other than a ritual gesture in Buddhism and Hinduism. It symbolizes learning. Many artworks depict Buddha with that same gesture.