How to Eat Right For Your Body Type (4 Pics)

There are no ugly bodies. Every single body type is beautiful. But have you ever wondered why different people store their fat differently? Some women accumulate their fat around the midsection, others around hips. That depends on your body type and we all have different problematic areas.

Our mission for today is to teach you which foods are good for your judging by your body type.

Rectangle Body Type

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These women have narrow hips and an undefined waist. They are less likely to gain weight, and you should use foods with healthy fats. Food like avocado, almonds, and salmon. You should have some plant-based proteins in your diet.

No matter how fit you are, you should always eat healthily. Don’t eat too many sweets and fast food.

Apple Body Type

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These women are more likely to gain weight. And especially in the mid section. Eat lite and often. Eat six times per day, with smaller portions. You should eat foods rich in fiber like fruits, vegetable, vitamin c, and some low-fat dairy. You should avoid fast food, bread, and small snacks.

Pear Body Type

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Women with pear body type have much larger hips when compared to the measurements of their best. These women tend to gain weight around hips and thighs. They may experience water retention. You should consume meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and foods rich in protein.

You should also eat watermelons and pineapples to cleanse your body of toxins. They are the main reason your body has a slow metabolism.

You should avoid salt and refined foods like bread, noodles, and rice. But don’t despair, you can replace them with whole foods.

Hourglass Body Type

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This is considered to be the most desired body type. But women with this body type tend to gain weight all around their body. They even have problems to build some muscle.

Women with this kind of a body may have some problems with high blood sugar and it is recommended for them to eat foods with low glycemic index and eat six smaller meals per day. They should eat more fruits and vegetables and consume only healthy fats and proteins.

Like everyone, they should avoid bread, noodles, and rice.