You’ve Been Doing Wrong These 16 Things All Your Life Without Even Knowing It (16 Pics)

Life is full of surprises. Some of them are big events. Some of them are not so pleasant. Others, however, are the moments of wonder where we learn something new and useful. That’s what we got from these 16 items that we found out that we’d been using incorrectly all our lives; a pleasant surprise of recognition and more importantly, we learned something useful too. Let’s check them out.

Next time just use a staple remover to open up a key ring. With this, placing a key in the ring wouldn’t result in chipping of those nails.

Just use a mirror as a message board. A new and funky way to leave messages. Just keep away from a permanent marker.

Your very own straw holder by merely flipping the tab of your soda can.

Just wrap a paper towel around the bottle of the drink and place it in a freezer to speed up the cooling process. Comes in handy on those hot summer days.

Store your t-shirts on their sides to create more space. Storing your shirts this way will also help reduce the messiness in your drawer.

If you’ve ever gotten your hand stuck inside a Pringles container when reaching for the last few chips.

To avoid damaging the fruit when you’re peeling, try peeling your bananas from the bottom up.

Juice boxes have tabs that fold down on the sides so that you can easily hold them as you sip your juice.

Place your spatulas and spoons in the hole of the panhandles for easy access and mess-free cooking.

If you love chicken wings but hate the process of having to eat around the bones, try this tip.

Always cut your cake from the middle outwards to keep it fresh for a longer time.

You do not need an expensive waterproof case for your phones while a Ziplock bag does the trick. Now you don’t have to fret on those beach visits.

To avoid the inevitable mess that comes from slicing tomatoes, place them in between two plates and slice through the gap in the plate.

Did you know that your Chinese takeout container can turn into a convenient plate? It turns out, the containers were made to be unfolded!

Everybody loves popsicles. That is until they’re covered in molten sticky sugar water. You can stop that by placing a muffin wrapper under the popsicle like this.

Ice cubes in wine may make it cool, but they really dilute the drink and that’s no good. Frozen grapes, on the other hand, do the same job and don’t dilute your wine.

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